Welcome to the Guide on the First Templar game. This is a combination of a life simulator and its own dynasty enriched with role-playing and strategy elements. The Polish Studio Render Cube is responsible for production, and the game is currently available only on the PC as part of early access.

In our study, you will find an explanation of the key mechanic of the gameplay and many tips that will help you better understand this process. You will learn how to collect resources and create tools, how to build new buildings where to find the game and how to invite residents and manage them.

General Council

In this section, we explain the key issues related to the game, as well as the most important game mechanics. Here you will find information on how to extract gold, erect and destroy buildings or how to raise the reputation of the dynasty.

Raw and game

This section is devoted to mining resources and hunting. In these chapters, you will learn where to find the main resources, such as straw, stones or clay, and where it is easternly found foxes, boars, bears and bison.

Wall control

In this part of the manual you will find chapters on the management of the village. From here you will learn where to create a village and how to satisfy her needs, how to invite residents and how to increase the construction limit.

Interface and Marking on Screen

A lot of information and various icons are displayed on the screen, the understanding of which will greatly facilitate the game. Below is a detailed description of all elements and icons you will find on the screen.

Character status - green - endurance, red - health, orange - hunger, blue - thirst.

Character effects - information about the effects that currently affect the character, for example, dirt or cooling are displayed here. The icons will disappear when the effect is over.

The currently selected tool or weapon is here you will find a tool or weapon icon that is in your hand. A white strip around the icon shows the state of the subject - when it is empty, the tool or weapons will be destroyed.

The actions of the tool - depending on which tool is selected, information about the possible actions that you can perform with the element will be displayed.

Currently tracked - you can track one task at a time, and it is displayed on the right edge of the screen.

Compass and season - at the top of the screen you will find a compass showing the direction in which the character looks. Over the compass you will find the icon about the season and his current. In order to pick up https://allslotsonline.casino/en/ you just need to complete a simple registration on the site!