An art director deals with product design and packaging, the development of a visual concept of the brand, maintenance of the company's website (or rather its external appearance), preparation of printed materials and stands for exhibitions, and other tasks. He also leads a team of designers, planners, decorators, and other creative professionals, and oversees the quality and timeliness of the work.

Job Locations

An art director is needed in many organizations that require not only creative ability but also organizational skills. These may include:

  • trade and production companies;
  • print publishers;
  • advertising agencies;
  • design studios;
  • branding agencies.

History of the profession

The position of art director appeared less than 20 years ago. Its emergence was connected with the growth of advertising agencies and the need for interesting and creative advertising. In this connection, professionals who could organize the work of designers, artists and other creative individuals were badly needed.

Duties of an art director

The duties of an art director are as follows:

  • Creating and developing a creative product or project concept;
  • Creation of design solutions, as well as layouts and sketches;
  • designer's supervision of projects;
  • preparation of presentations;
  • planning the work of the department and preparation of reports;
  • control over the execution of tasks in accordance with the deadlines;
  • interaction with partners.

Sometimes the job description of an art director includes:

  • organizing and conducting photo and video shoots;
  • formulating strategy and sales planning;
  • participation in tenders.

How to become an art director

To become an art director you have to have higher education (as a rule art education) and work experience (preferably in the sphere of advertising). Beginners can start their career as a manager in a design studio or a designer.

How to get a job?

Art director is quite a sought-after profession. The advertising and entertainment industry is constantly evolving, offering more and more jobs for creative and responsible people. A lot of vacancies can be found on websites that specialize in employment. Job seekers can send their art director resume ( to several potential employers at once. Then there is a chance to get an invitation for a personal interview.