It's important to play correctly and calmly, regardless of the size of the bet.

Here are some basic tips to help you improve your blackjack game:

Split a hand at 16 points. Two eights in your hand is the worst combination in blackjack. The chance of a low value card being drawn is minimal. Splitting a hand with 16 points is a basic blackjack strategy and doubles the chance of getting at least one card with a value of 10 points.

Follow Dr. Pepper's rule. This is a standard online blackjack tactic. If a player has 12 points with 10/2 cards and the dealer has 4 points, you should always ask for an extra card. If you hold 12 against the dealer's 4, but have any other combination (other than 10/2), you should hold until the end of the hand.

Choose a table with the best conditions. It is necessary to choose tables with the most favorable rules and pick a really working blackjack strategy. The ideal situation is when the dealer often receives a "Soft 17". When playing with 6 or 8 decks, it is best to play at a table where the opportunity to surrender in advance is available.

Try to count cards. Counting cards is fairly easy in theory, but in practice it requires skill and speed. Counting cards helps the player determine the probability of how many tens and aces are left in the deck. Such a blackjack strategy allows the player to adjust his betting and playing strategy

Use multiple systems. Many beginners use the most popular betting system, Martingale. It is undoubtedly working, but it is only appropriate under certain circumstances. With constant losses, it is better to change the blackjack strategy in order not to lose the entire bankroll.