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  • Family Law and Divorce Lawyers Toronto - Separy Law P.C. Law Firm

    Our primary practice area at Separy Law Professional Corporation (“Separy Law P.C.”) is Family Law.

    We are Toronto family lawyers practicing in all of the major family law Courts in the Greater Toronto Area. We handle all Toronto Family Law matters (related to separation and divorce) from less complicated cases to very complex cases involving the division of family property. We aim to represent our clients as one of the top family law firms in Toronto and our goal is to resolve your family law matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether we are negotiating a settlement or, whether we are in court addressing and advocating for contested issues between parties. Our Toronto divorce lawyers provide legal aid services related to separation, divorce, child custody, access (visitation or parenting time), child support, spousal support, and property division.

    Top Family Law and Divorce Lawyer in Toronto

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