Articling Student

The Articling Experience at Separy Law P.C.

We are happy to say that we hire one articling student per year.

Below is some general information about our Articling Program. 

We are a fast-paced and growing Family Law firm. At Separy Law P.C., students are a key part of our support system and we want students to be fundamental members of our team who thrive in a fast-paced environment and eventually become Associate Lawyers. We look for students with strong work ethic, intellect, passion, energy, and attention to detail.

At Separy Law P.C., we invest in our students. Our students are given first-hand experience and responsibility, acting as a liaison between clients and Associates, gaining relevant experience in all areas necessary to build a solid practice. At Separy Law P.C., we believe that all of our students must “learn the ropes” within a spectrum of responsibility which increases throughout the articling program. From learning how to attract clients by answering calls, booking potential clients, to conducting comprehensive client interviews, drafting documents, and attending Court with Court permission, our articling students gain a range of experience allowing them to confidently and independently practice  as a Toronto family lawyer in their first year as an Associate Lawyer at our firm.

The first week of articling at Separy Law P.C. will be a dedicated training package to familiarize you about the administrative aspects within our law firm such as policies, procedures and our extensive precedent database.

Throughout the course of the articling position at Separy Law P.C., the student will be exposed to various aspects of the Experiential Training Package of the Law Society of Ontario such as the following:

  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Interviewing
  • Fact Investigation and Legal Research
  • Drafting and Legal Writing
  • Planning and Advising
  • File and Practice Management
  • Negotiation
  • Advocacy

We are Family Law lawyers and, as such, litigators.

The successful candidate will draft documents, attend first appearances, schedule court dates and adjournments, accompany counsel to conferences, motions, and perhaps even represent a client at conferences where the Court allows the student to do so. As an articling student at Separy Law P.C., you will be exposed to different types of clients (paying, Justicenet and Legal Aid) which allows you to learn about cases from people of different backgrounds and cultures, enriching your ability to learn about how to approach cases from a diverse perspective.

As Separy Law P.C. continues to grow as a law firm, we have the intention to hire articling students as Associate Lawyers. Students will have a chance to grow alongside the firm. With broad exposure during your articling program at Separy Law P.C., you will be able to follow files from the day they are opened to the day a final order is made. As an articling student, you are guaranteed to receive practical and meaningful experience.

How to Apply

Separy Law P.C. hires 1 articling student each year. In order to apply, you must submit a cover letter, outlining why you think that you would be a suitable candidate to fulfil the articling position at Separy Law P.C. You must also attach a current resume and your undergraduate and law school official transcripts.

You may submit your application package electronically to [email protected]

Our office is closed to the public during COVID-19. As such, please do not drop off any application packages in person. 

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You may submit your application package electronically to [email protected]