Toronto Separation Lawyer

Our Toronto Separation Lawyers at Separy Law PC can assist you with your separation needs. In Ontario, “Separation” is the result of a breakdown in a relationship between two individuals who are in a romantic relationship with each other, and there is no chance for reconciliation. This generally occurs when the couples decide that the romantic relationship has come to an end and stop living with one another.

Couples can also be separated while they continue to reside in the same household, and attempting to resolve issues in relation to how to deal with their division of property, child custody, child support and spousal support obligations.

Separation is also important for the purposes of divorce as separated couples in Ontario must be separated for 12 months or more in order to meet the requirements of Ontario law in applying for a divorce. Our lawyers can discuss this your rights after separation at a consultation.

There are a number of ways to resolve your legal matters as a result of a separation through one of our Toronto separation lawyers as follows:

  • You can schedule a consultation and work with one of our lawyers at Separy Law PC to assist you in working with you to draft a separation agreement which will set out your rights and obligations to one another in regards division of property, child custody, child support and spousal support obligations; or
  • If any potential ways to resolve issues through a separation agreement have been exhausted by one of our lawyers, you can pursue your claims through Court system by filing an Application that sets out your particular claims.

Although Court proceedings are generally considered if settlement efforts have failed, our lawyers are trained to be your strong and firm advocates in Court, with a thorough knowledge of the law. Our lawyers at Separy Law PC will do their best to act in your best interest in a cost effective and efficient manner.   

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