“I met Solmaz Separy in April 2013 when I needed to bring a Motion to Change Child Support Order due to a change in my financial situation because of a personal injury. Representing me, Ms. Separy had to deal with various parties, including government agencies over the 2 ½ year period until I was able to return to work. Ms. Separy is a skilled lawyer, her knowledge and confident composure when speaking in front of a judge and/or opposing party, together with her attention to detail was instrumental in a successful outcome of my proceeding.

Ms. Separy’s firm recently expanded and her associate, Ms. Talar Awakian represented me this week in court. Ms. Awakian successfully negotiated a final settlement agreement regarding child support now that I have returned to work. I have been a client of Ms. Solmaz Separy for a few years now and I have been consistently impressed with the level of professionalism she provides and believe Ms. Awakian compliments her team.

It feels like I won the lottery having found Separy Law….extremely lucky for me. Ms. Separy is extremely professional and provides you with a personal touch, calming voice and amazing knowledge of family law.

I would recommend Ms. Separy, her team and her staff with total confidence to anyone who demands integrity and consistent results from their legal counsel.”