This is my testimonial regarding Ms.Solmaz, Managing Lawyer at Separy Law PC. I retained Separy Law and Ms. Separy as my lawyer in 2016. I was already in the middle of a very tough and stressful child access and support case which started in 2015, for which I had a previous lawyer who dropped my case right in the middle and left me without counsel or any idea what was happening with my case.

I was left heartbroken overwhelmed and stressed. I had so many emotions  and had to quickly obtain new counsel.   I went to various lawyers, but since my case was already in progress and not represented properly in the first place, they did not want to get involved, and represent me.  I was feeling helpless and scared. I kept looking up and calling various other law firms,  but no one would meet with me when they heard the facts of my case.

When I called the Separy Law PC, they took my information, and not to long after, Ms. Separy called me back, arranged for a consultation and I was delighted that she agreed to take on my case.  I  From the onset of my work with Ms. Separy and her staff, I could see that they are very professional and confident in her approach. I admire that Ms. Separy is strong, poised, and intelligent, and she is clearly an experienced family law lawye. She is confident in her practice.  I felt confident  that I would be represented well and was in good hands. Later, another Associate Lawyer, Ms. Tricia Alcendor  took over the remainder of my case and I consented to that. Tricia was professional, kind and patient as this was not a easy or pleasant process for me to go through. Thankfully I got the results I was hoping for. I am grateful to Ms. Solmaz Separy, her associate lawyer Ms.Tricia Alcendor and her staff  for taking on my case when many counsel would not, and for being professional and seeing my case to the end.

I would strongly recommend Ms. Separy and her law firm. Family law cases are not easy or pleasant.  Having a good and competent lawyer and team behind me helped me through the process.  Many Blessings and continual success to the Separy Law PC team. Thank you all.


A special thank you from Separy Law PC to PJ for sending us such a detailed testimonial about your experience with our firm.

-Solmaz Separy