Separy Law and their team are lovely. They respond to communication really quickly. They gave me appropriate lawyer counselling because they were always honest in their approach. If something in my case was difficult or unable to be achieved they didn’t just say this is achievable – they explained to me the reasons something needed more work and the reasons our strategy needed to be legal and always took my thoughts and instructions into consideration. My case was resolved with appropriate child support, custody, and proper access (visitation) to my husband that never sees children, to be when I agree it should be and when my children want it. He also had not paid child support since the kids were born and Separy Law was able to get that Order for me. Now I hope he pays. The firm has a very nice relationship with clients and they seem to really like working with each other. I felt better each time I attended their office, no matter who I met with. I truly recommend them. They are great. I had a very positive experience with them.