After my mother’s passing in 2017, I had to step up and be a caregiver for four of my younger siblings. Unfortunately I did not have custody do to the fact that I wasn’t a Biological parent; so I had to get custody from both of the fathers in this matter (one father parent of two of the children and the other father parent of the other two children). I instantly needed a lawyer and was recommended to Separy Law P.C. , being only 21 I was scared for the fight for custody. But having Solmaz Separy and her team to guide me through the process it made it a lot easier to handle. They care a lot for their clients and I truly felt they were doing everything to benefit my needs. I have Full Custody for all four of my siblings all thanks to  Separy Law P.C. , If you are looking for a lawyer who will do their all for your case look to Separy Law P.C. Thank you again so much for your help  Separy Law P.C.  I now have begun a new chapter for my siblings and I because of your services.