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Access assessment is a report prepared and presented by an expert assessor that helps the court, you and your partner make decisions about your child including access, custody and parenting arrangements. Assessors are qualified individuals such as social workers, psychologists, mental health professionals or psychiatrists. The access assessment report is beneficial in the case that you and your partner separate or divorce. These cases are common across the United States and particularly in Toronto. A Child custody lawyer will offer you the best advisory services in cases of child custody matters in need of access assessments.


Child custody

In cases of divorce between parents, the particular court of jurisdiction for the divorce proceedings also has the mandate to determine the child’s custody arrangements. Under the standard statutory provision, if the specific spouses had children during their marriage the parents have joint guardianship over those children and their rights are equal. When determining the home that the child will live in the court will make a careful decision, which is in the best interest of the child. A decision to the best interests of the child will involve taking into consideration the child’s wishes, the wishes of the parents and the relationship that the child has with each of their parents, siblings, and any other persons who might significantly impact the child’s best interests. Other aspects of the child’s life that will be considered when making a decision in their best interest are school, the child’s comfort at home, community, and the physical and mental health of the involved individuals. Separy Law, child custody lawyers in Toronto, can help navigate you through this difficult process.

The parent entitled to custody of the child will have the right to control the child’s religious upbringing, education, and health care. The court also has the mandate to choose between several types of child custody including temporary custody, exclusive custody, and joint custody. Temporary custody grants the child’s custody to an individual during the separation or divorce proceedings. Joint custody will endow both parents with equal custody rights. This kind of custody is granted when both parents can adequately perform their parental duties. On the other hand, exclusive custody gives one parent full custody rights to the exclusion of the other parent. In cases where exclusive custody is granted the excluded parent may receive supervision or supervised visitation rights. Child custody is a complicated process, so if you find yourself in such a scenario you need a family law lawyer in Toronto to guide you through the processes.


Access assessment

In most divorce and separation cases involving couples, visitation rights are contested. In the event that the granted visitation rights are contested the judge will order an assessment. This assessment helps parents make the best and most fair decisions on access, custody and parenting arrangements. During an assessment, the assessor will make arrangements to speak to the parents, child and any other people with a significant impact on the child’s life such as teachers, doctors, and close relatives. The judge will observe how the child interacts with both parents and they collate all the information in a report to make a recommendation on what they see best for the child. Assessment reports are essential and can be used as evidence in child custody and access assessment cases.

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