Child Custody is never an easy thing to go through and it can be stressful and confusing.  I had no idea what was going to happen when first stepping into it.  I was scared, and confused.  I wasn’t sure how things would end and spent many nights not able to sleep.  I was approved by Legal Aid of Ontario and with my certificate I began searching for counsel.  I searched websites and Solmaz Separy popped up.  I tried other lawyers as well but there was something about her site that really caught my attention.  She was part of a firm and from there moved on to opening her own which told me that she took her career very seriously.  I gave her office a call and left a message.  At first I was worried because I was a Legal Aid recipient and wasn’t sure if I would be a priority.  I received a call back shortly and spoke with one of her staff.  She listened to my case and scheduled and appointment to see me.  Meeting Solmaz Separy and her staff for the first time was very comforting.  They were courteous and helpful.  They advised me and told me everything that was going to happen at court.  They were honest and thorough explaining my case and my rights.  This reassured me.  Of course when appearing at court I was still a bit nervous but Solmaz Separy took care of everything.  She went through my case thoroughly and made sure that all my rights and responsibilities were met as well as my partners responsibilities.  She made sure that all my child’s needs were met.  There was not a stone she left unturned.  She treated me with respect and left me with peace.  Solmaz Separy is a true demonstration of a rights advocate and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is in need of representation for family disputes.

– By S.S. – Case resolved