“I came to Solmaz Separy’s law firm as a Legal Aid Ontario (“LAO”) client.  I was apprehensive and afraid, as I was under the assumption that because I was not paying for services, I, along with my situation, would not be treated as a priority.

However, my experience with Separy Law P.C. was the extreme opposite.    There wasn’t a single instance where I felt that I was treated any differently than a paying client.  They treated me and my case with the utmost respect and held it as a priority from day one, even among all the other case work that they had to do.  From the first day I met with Solmaz and her team, I felt relieved, I felt as though I had a chance to turn my life around for the better, but most of all I felt  confident and empowered by them.

Together, they communicated openly with me, explained the process clearly and in detail and made sure I understood all actions and outcomes.  Most importantly, they gave me information and put all the decisions in my hands, advising me along the way.  Ms. Talar Awakian, who is an Associate Lawyer of the firm, spent many hours as well, accompanying me to all of my court appearances and the team always answered my never-ending questions promptly and patiently.

These women were more than lawyers, in my eyes.  They were counselors, advocates and I learned first hand that they do not just take on jobs for monetary returns, but for the satisfaction they get from successfully helping others to change their life circumstances for the better.  Their passion shone through every step of the way and I would recommend Separy Law P.C. time and time again.

They were so effective in their work and helped me get Sole Custody and child support of my daughter, which, in turn, allowed me to feel like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.  I can now happily move forward with my life and all the plans that I have for myself and my daughter, without having to live in fear, sadness or distress any longer, and I really do owe that to Solmaz Separy, Talar Awakian, and the rest of the wonderful and supportive staff of Separy Law P.C.

Thank you all so much!” -I.P.